Project - Insight Global's Corporate Intranet

Insight Global did not have a corporate intranet. Partnering with senior leadership, my team was tasked with the design.


This multi-faceted initiative was a first for the organization. The purpose was to create a corporate Intranet for company-wide communications, including providing departments an outlet to disseminate information to support the field, while offering a unique, engaging experience unlike any others.



Original Sketch

It all started with a paper sketch, provided by an executive, of what the homepage was to look like.

Original sketch of intranet hub (homepage).

Opportunities and Goals

Roles and Collaboration

Before we started any design work, we had to determine what platform we were going to use and we wanted to try and do some competitive analysis to see what constituted good intranet design. Plus, we needed to understand what departments within the org were needing to make available via the intranet.


Sharepoint was the clear winner as the platform for IG's intranet.

Sharepoint Sites

Knowing we would prefer not to implement the design as provided, we started by building some concepts in Sharepoint Sites. This allowed us to quickly mock-up/prototype what a homepage could look like using Sharepoint's OOTB solutions, which would allow us to potentially save development costs as well. This did not meant the design requirements for the executive involved, so we moved onto creating our own design concepts.

Misc. Whiteboard and Paper Sketches

Next, we began whiteboarding and sketching some concepts, taking into account the types of content requested as well the content we knew we wanted to make available through the intranet.

Intranet Flow

This is an early user flow diagram for the hub and spoke site.


High-level user flow diagram.

Misc. Mock-ups

We then moved into mocking up concepts we had come up with. We pulled together many concepts reflecting more conventional design approaches. Most started on the whiteboard. Regardless of how strong the concepts might have been or how conventional they were, most were dismissed. It all came down to 2 approaches.

IG19_Intranet_WLC_Subpage 2019-11-01 at 1.22.26 PM.pdf

Miscellaneous mock-ups of potential intranet homepages.

Based on content we had to deliver, this was our choice as the content was clearly displayed with nav shown.

Final design with new branding implemented, imagery overlaying the content, and nav not shown by default, all above the fold.

Low-fidelity HTML/CSS Prototype

Drag your browser's window to see the shifts across breakpoints.

Sample of Design Specifications


Example of design specifications (Hub) from intranet project.