Project -'s Vehicle Specials

This was an opportunity to look at the complete overhaul and re-design of a very important piece for vehicle merchandising, special offers. Below are just some of the pieces from the project.


To simplify the process of creating special offers for a dealer's vehicle inventory as well as to improve the management thereof.



Opportunities and Goals

Roles and Collaboration


Miscellaneous Specials Research and Input.pdf

Misc. notes gathered across individuals and groups 

Notes from ACs and Emails on Specials.pdf

Misc. notes gathered from the field

Misc. Whiteboard Sketches and Proposal of Re-design

Next, we began whiteboarding and sketching some concepts, figuring out the new way of handling special offers for dealers.


Proposal for the new approach

Wireframes, Flows, and Detailed Design Specifications

Misc. wireframes from different stages of the project are shown here.


Initial Release-related wireframes and detailed design specs.


Phase 2-related wireframes and detailed design specs.


Task flows

Prototypes and Reviews

Many prototypes were built and reviewed with Sales, IT, and the dealers in the field.

Numerous versions of prototypes were created for review

Demo Script III for Specials Prototype.pdf

Example script for walking through prototype

Notes for Specials Project.pdf

Example feedback collected from various prototype reviews

Training Guide

I wrote the training guide to be used in the field by dealers to create specials, etc. in the new system.


Job Aid for managing special offers