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About Jim O'Brien's UX / IxD Experience



Jim O'Brien, Certified Usability Analyst, 2005-558, Human Factors International Seal

With over 22 years of design experience now, I have worked on a wide assortment of projects ranging from brochure-ware web sites to complex, commercial applications. Not only have I been responsible for the user interface design deliverables (task/user flows, wireframes, design specs, etc.) for these various projects, I have also established design processes, created interface guidelines, and worked to build collaborative environments. I have a successful history of designing, training, and consulting in both the public and private sectors; and I am a Certified Usability Analyst.

In addition to my design experience, I also have two and a half solid years of management experience, leading teams of diverse skillsets and levels of capabilities.

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Projects Designed For

I have designed for such entities as: A.D.A.M. Medical Illustrated Encyclopedia, Autodesk, AutoTrader.com, GeorgiaGov, IHG, Insight Global, Kudzu.com, The Sport Shoe, and many others.

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Environments Designed Within

As a UX / IxD designer, I have been responsible for solving problems and creating the user experience blueprints. I am not a visual/graphic designer, developer, copywriter, or UX unicorn.



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